Take advantage of our dog grooming service in Shreveport, LA

Your pet deserves the best care available. Fur Get Me Knots Dog Grooming, LLC is the dog grooming service for you. We have plenty of experience working with dogs of all breeds, ages and energy levels.

Our services include everything from nail trimming to full baths and haircuts. We recommend grooming your animals once every six to eight weeks, but we can also do it more frequently. All the product we use are ESPREE and aloe vera-based. You can order a specialty shampoo and conditioning package along with teeth cleaning and pictures.

Our prices are:

Small - $15 - 25
Medium - $30 - 45
Large - $50 and up

Maintenance Trims
Small - $25 - 35
Medium - $35 - 45
Large - $45 and up

Full Groom
Small - $45 - 50
Medium - $50 - 60
Large - $60 and up

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Make your cat feel like royalty

If your cat needs a nail trim or a haircut, you can count on us to take care of it. Our cat grooming service is sure to impress you. Your cat will walk away cleaner and happier than ever.

Want to make your pet look like a star? We have vegan, pet-safe hair dye and nail polish that can be used on cats and dogs. Dress up your pet for a special event or just for fun.

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